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Prior to a project being competitively bid, Redline Demolition engineers can assist project planning efforts by providing budget pricing and schedule information for proposed work areas. Our views on sequencing the work, manpower loading and access and egress routes can be beneficial. Schedule information on related trades such as equipment salvage and utility disconnect work for demolition also can be provided.


Getting a great price for your removal work is assured. We have the top performing crews in the business that complete the work for less, and our accumulation of knowledge in the automotive industry puts this to work for you.


Our written site specific Health and Safety Program includes written documentation of our work force's pre-employment physical and blood testing data, lead awareness training, respirator fit testing, drug testing, fall protection training, manlift training and our daily toolbox safety meeting sign up sheets.


Redline Demolition's onsite staff is always headed up by it's President and owner, Harry Gieschen. His executive talent, engineering background and twenty five years in the automotive demolition field place the project management duties of your project in the care and custody of an automotive industry professional.

Assisting Mr. Gieschen are fully staffed day and night shift engineers, assistant project managers and administrators that have worked together as a team in field operations since 1995.

Redline Demolition's General Superintendent, Cleo Blue, is responsible for achieving the performance and safety goals of all work crews at the jobsite. Cleo is a genuine resource in the industry.


Redline Demolition can perform all operations related to the removal work including disconnecting the electric and mechanical utilities, salvage of equipment for reuse and other general contract items.


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