At Redline, we strive to uphold a zero accident policy. Not only do we take concern for our crew and supervisors, but we also acknowledge the safety of the building, the owners and all other contractors.

By definition, an accident is an unexpected event. Redline’s experienced crews and supervisors remove the unexpected and avoid potential hazards.

Safety is an integral part of pre-project planning and project execution. Redline’s Safety Director fully implements the Lead Program by means of preparing a written Health and Safety Program for each project, which includes:
-Records of our workforce’s pre-employment physical and blood testing data
-Lead Awareness Training
-Respirator Fit Testing
-Drug Testing
-Fall Protection Training
-Manlift and Scaffolding Training
-Daily Safety Meetings
-As well as Risk Assessments of potential job site hazards

Redline works at maximum output while taking all of the necessary safety precautions.